Chapter 1

In accordance with the requirements of the Federal Law of 27.07.06. "About Personal Data" № 152-FZ, I confirm my consent to the processing of my personal data including my surname, name, patronymic, sex, date of birth, address, telephone number, email, IP and other information.
This project was created primarily for free play on the World of Warcraft home server. The project has nothing to do with Blizzard Int. and does not violate copyright law, as the project is not commercial, i.e. using the project is a completely free service and all donations to the server, free of charge and non-refundable. Making a donation, the user automatically agrees to these terms. Requests for refunds of donated funds are not considered by the Administration, the user must evaluate the advantages and disadvantages before making a donation. All actions for material support of the project users perform at their own risk. When you donate user must know that the administration does not owe you anything for helping the project, it can only in gratitude to give some value in the game, this means that you are not entitled to demand from the administration of the project some bonuses in the game for making donations to the project. Administration, working under the guidance of the head of the project is the controlling authority of the project, which has its own hierarchy and set of rules and act in the interests of users of the project.

By registering on this project and participating in it, you automatically agree with the set of these rules, undertaking to comply with them, realizing that in case of violation of these rules your access to the project can be limited either partially or completely, temporary or permanent (indefinitely).

Remember that ignorance of these rules, as well as disagreement with them does not exempt from liability for their violation. If you don't know the rules and break them, you'll be punished in accordance with the rules of the project, the scope of penalties for which are listed in the "Full price list of moots and bans for all sorts of violations". The administration reserves the right to revise these rules, adding, correcting or removing items without notifying users. Users are required to monitor the changes in the rules themselves. Responsibility for any actions or violations lies solely with the account owner. Entrusting access to the account to a third party, or creating a basic password such as "123456", you violate the rules of the project, as well as put at risk the safety of your account. The administration refuses to help restore access / revise the accounts of users who have suffered from the actions of third parties who have access to their account. The Administration undertakes to take all measures to protect accounts from hacking by brute force passwords. The administration is not responsible for the reception of malicious codes or viruses from other users. Game characters of users who have not logged into the game for a long time can be removed from the database server, to clear the space and convenient work. Players deleted by the system for a long period of absence can be restored with the help of appropriate donat-vendor.

By accepting the rules of registration you agree to receive letters at the email address specified at this registration, as well as to receive newsletters from our project, from which you can opt out by clicking on the link in the letter.

Chapter 2. Powers and duties of the Administration

%administraciya anyone and did not personally have and does not have to obey the instructions of the players.

The administration is not responsible for any damage caused as a result of visiting this project (moral damage, material damage, physical damage (all types of physical damage) and other types of damage).

The administration is not responsible for the temporary or permanent inability to use the server by a particular person or group of persons.

The administration has the right to terminate the provision of services to a particular user or subnet as a whole at any time in case of direct or indirect threat to the server performance.

The administration has the right to control and interfere in the gameplay, when it considers it necessary.

The administration does not refund characters, things, money and any materials used in the game, lost as a result of ignorance of the rules of the game or unexpected failures in the server. Restoring characters is only possible through the use of appropriate Donat-vendors.

The administration shall set the terms and degree of punishment in accordance with the data of themes "Full list price mutou and bans for all sorts of violations."

The administration is not accountable to the players, and is not obliged to prove his innocence player on the punishments, with the exception of those devoted to appealing the punishment, where the administration undertakes to present the player of the evidence of his guilt. The administration reserves the right not to prove the correctness of its actions to the user, if the ban was set by the server protection system (anti-cheat, anti-Brut system, filters from DDoS attacks), or data from the logs of game actions of players. In this case, the player can contact the Old, Agis, who will conduct an independent investigation into these penalties. The administration is not engaged in reviewing the penalties that were applied to the user more than 3 months ago, and reserves the right to refuse to provide evidence of guilt of the user, which were applied measures to prevent access more than 3 months ago.

The composition of the administration has its own hierarchy and branching into groups working in certain areas. The administration is allowed to operate strictly within the areas entrusted to them, and the administration is obliged to obey only their immediate supervisors, and senior administration (Senior GM, Admin). Senior representatives of the administration, for example, the curator of the realm, are fully responsible for their wards and are obliged to monitor their work by periodically checking the logs of the administration, and the direct presence on the realm. Senior administration officials are also obliged to help in certain cases to their wards, but not to do it for them. Just like curators, administrators and senior GM's are required to monitor the work of curators.

The administration is allowed to use the teams giving the advantage only in respect of work accounts (non-game). It is strictly forbidden to use teams for mercenary purposes and to gain an unfair advantage over other players. The administration can't change the world settings (respawn time, health, mobs, etc.) for personal gain in the game or outside of it, or for the benefit of a particular player. Administration is forbidden to use in-game announcements for personal and selfish purposes.

The administration is allowed to make changes to the game real-time, if the circumstances so require, or on the instructions of senior representatives of the administration. The administration has the right to prohibit the player (s) from using this or that game object, npc, game location, etc.for the period of its work to eliminate problems and/or bugs in the game. Administration reserves the right at any time without notice to interrupt the operation of the game server to improve its performance or if circumstances require (lags in the game world), or on the instructions of senior representatives of the administration. Every day in the period from 3 to 7 am Moscow time there may be problems with access and revocation of the server, because at this time the server keeps its backup copy of the data for recovery from the checkpoint under unforeseen circumstances. As for the planned technical works, the administration undertakes to announce them through the news feeds of the site, forum, social.networks.

The administration is obliged to maintain confidentiality, namely: not to distribute confidential information about the personal data of users and representatives of the administration without their consent, not to distribute details from accounts on the website, forum and in the game, not to transfer part of the code or the entire server code to other persons. Not to inform the administration's plans without the consent of the administration.

Any member of the administration has the right to rest and privacy, so, in order to avoid unpleasant situations about their vacation, sick, etc. they must notify the senior representatives of the administration. Representatives of the administration who are inactive without a valid reason will be removed from office without the possibility of further reinstatement. The administration has the right to respect for its personality as a person and a citizen of the N-th country, so insults representatives of the administration is prohibited in any direct or indirect form. The administration has the right to create accounts to participate in the project at the user level, subject to these rules. The representative of the administration reserves the opportunity to disseminate information about his position or to keep this information confidential.

The administration is obliged to actively and adequately communicate with users, advising them, as well as providing assistance to the user within the framework of the project and the rules. The administration is not obliged to answer all and always, and reserves the right to ignore a particular message of the user, if it does not comply with the rules of communication with the administration. The administration reserves the right to work, advise and assist users by means of personal communication outside the project (skype, ICQ, etc.), however, since this is a personal environment, the administration has the full right to ignore any users at will. Note: the administration is not responsible for any kind of damage (material, moral, etc.) resulting from communication with persons outside the project. The project completely refuses to accept complaints about the administration, based on the facts taken outside the project (logs, conversation records, screenshots of Skype, as, etc.), as these methods of communication with users are not official.

Chapter 3. User authority in the game and forum

Users have the right to create an unlimited number of in-game/forum accounts, characters in the game and use them within the rules of the project. Users have the right to use any nicknames in the game and on the forum, not contrary to the rules of the server. The administration does not consider complaints such as "he uses my nickname, he uses the name of the guild, which stole from me / my friend, etc.", since the administration does not provide services to fix copyrights on nicknames, guild names / arena team / communication channels. Users have a right for thematic communication in the game and on the forum (in the sections where it does not contradict the rules of the forum), to create topics for advice, help, communication, search for mates for the game. Users have a right to complain about the players actions that contradict the rules in special subsections of their realm forums. Users have the right to complain about the actions of the administration and punishment in the special threads. Users have the right to make complaints against members of the administration, whose actions seemed to users contrary to the rules of the administration.

Users have the right to report any bugs in the game and the defects of the server in the designated topics for this. Users have the right to communicate with the administration and appeal directly to a representative of the administration for advice and assistance. Users have the right to use the available to them in the game commands. Users are fully responsible for their input of the game commands, for example ".acc lock on". Users can donate money to the game and receive in-game goods and services in exchange, in the form of unique currencies, by converting the donated money into so-called "ethereal coins". Users agree with the fact that the server anti-cheat within the Legion and subsequent patches uses algorithms similar in system of work and method of detection of cheats with the algorithms of the official server.

Chapter 4. Responsibilities of users in the game and on the forum

it is forbidden to use any programs and Addons that give an unfair advantage over other players. Exceptions: Addons increase player's knowledge about the world (mobs health, dungeon maps, etc.)

It is forbidden to use any game bugs that give you any advantage over other players, as well as hiding them from the Administration. The use of bugs unintentionally (when a spell subhalos so that without the bug it cannot be used) do not fall under this rule. It is forbidden to conceal any game bugs from the Administration.

It is forbidden to use any emulators of the player's presence in the game: multiboxes, etc.

It is forbidden to conceal violations from the Administration. If, later it turns out that you did not do this intentionally, you will be punished. Therefore, phrases such as" I have a screenshot of you , so if you do not , I will send it to the administration " will be punished to the fullest extent of the price list.

Attempts to trade information about violations and/or bugs are prohibited.

It is forbidden to exchange game accounts, attempts to exchange, sell accounts for any currency. Prohibited the transfer of control over the account to other persons, the transfer of the password from the account, transfer account "gifts", a transfer of the account after "leaving the project" or "temporary absence at the time of the session / departure of the army, etc.". It is forbidden to gain access to the account of other users, voluntary, or forced, or by a virus attack on users. Trading, exchange of accounts, game values with players or administration of other projects is prohibited, as well as receiving or rendering any paid services in relation to another server if our project is involved in it.

Prohibited the spread of malicious programs (Trojans) for the purpose of plunder of game values. Prohibited from any action entailing the malicious effect the server.

Prohibited theft of game values, whether in RAID / instance (Anrolla without warning, dishonest distribution of loot, theft loot), or theft of values in the transaction, etc. RL has the right to refuse to issue the character of the item of equipment (armor, weapons, etc.), if the character already has this item of equipment (with the same level), the rule does not apply to paired items, such as weapons in two hands, and the like, if the applicant for the item he has only one. RL reserves the right to pick up some loot from a RAID by enrollm, but only if pre-warned about the RAID before the pull of the first boss, and he must warn everyone he get in the RAID to replace the departed. This means that if RL, before you give KD the entire RAID must advertise RAID "/the PR" "Anroll that-that", "Roll on top 5 DMD", "roll 2 top of this hill, tankspot rolled tanks and top 3 DMD.". Write yourself a macro is easy, before pullum the first boss to advertise and zaskrinit is not a problem. When enrolle advertise what you aerolite, take the thing and make screen. All the rules of the roll is entered AFTER receiving a CD of the RAID, the player can ignore if RL will distribute loot according to him, not roll or according to the original rules, then RL gets a ban. A rule can be entered after the receipt of the CD ONLY under the condition that the entire RAID agrees with its introduction and there is a screen confirmation. RL shall, in establishing a framework Dpsa to specify whether the item. - only DD or can also rolite frail and tanks without the aforementioned Dps. I. e. if you write "Roll from 15K SDP" this will mean, that this item. You can pass a winning roll and issuing 15K Dps ( not hilu, not the tank, which is similar to DPS can not type). If You write "Roll from 15K dps + Hilo + tanks", You have the right to transfer an item won in roll hilu or tank, which of course not 15K DPS. If RL has announced that any subject is on the roll with the criteria of admission to the roll (for example "Roll the Will from 15K DPS", "Roll Trinity top 3 DD", "staff Roll - 3 leader in HPS"), or if the subject was already put to a roll, the RL subject to sabrelite can not, because he indicated that the item will be Ralitsa.

It is forbidden to use obscene and offensive words in the names of players, arena teams, communication channels and guilds. It is forbidden to use the names of characters consisting of third-party characters. Nicknames can be created only using the Russian alphabet (a-z) and the English alphabet (a-z). It is forbidden to combine characters from multiple layouts in one Nike. It is forbidden to create characters with names similar to the names of any of the representatives of the administration, except for the moments if your character was created before the character of the representative of the administration.

Prohibited overflow currency "Honor Points" on the players of the opposing faction (whether by prior agreement or in two Windows with mul'tilog), prohibited the overflow of the arena, in multiple Windows, with friends, all sorts of "Guild tournaments for arenabetting". If a team is caught using overflow server arealogy will be banned from all team members without trials, having any involvement in the team. If the result of the overflow of the arena players were taken seasonal items for rating (A8 / T2), then even if donation anbana things are removed from the character when henbane, and the team forcibly dissolved by the representative of the administration.

Prohibited any advertising in the game chat or on the forum. It is forbidden to leave links to such projects, no matter in what subtext, under the codes of offtop or spoiler, the game or on the forum. It is forbidden to mention other projects in the game and on the forum, placed in order to entice players to a third-party project/ put our project in a bad light/ put a third-party project in a positive light. It is forbidden to speak negatively to the server and its components (DC, anti-cheat, hosting, etc.)

Banned foul language in General chat, both overtly and covertly. Attempts to avoid punishment, for example, to prove that the word "bitch" said in the chat is literary, will be ignored.

Threats concerning malicious actions against a person or a group of persons (threats of sending viruses, hacking, DDoS), as well as threats of violence in real life in direct or indirect form are prohibited. It is forbidden to threaten the players familiarity with the GM and PR (public Administration and its friends on this project all are grown UPS and educated people, no one will break the rules because a friend or neighbor, and if it is, then you will regret it). Prohibited threats of bans and blocking of certain aspects of the game, those things that can only be carried out by representatives of the administration and certainly not the players.

It is forbidden to insult players in game chat rooms and on the forum. Insults are phrases that can actually be regarded as degrading, or offending the moral / racial / moral qualities of a person based on obscene language. On the box with the game WoW is pegi 12+, as well as a warning that the player can meet obscene expressions in the game. So insults like "stupid, idiot, sucker" nobody will punish if they are not addressed in the administration, server, or someone's relatives. It is forbidden to insult the system of Donat, donaters about the fact that they spend money on the game, as well as in every way to humiliate, tease and generally unhealthy to speak about their actions. Donation is a voluntary thing, someone else's wallet You should not to worry. If donater he will start to provoke a conflict due to donation or something to breed for insults - donater will be punished by permanent ban. It is forbidden to insult relatives, indirect or direct.

It is forbidden to flood in chat. Flood is the posting of useless chat channel messages. These can be very short messages, clogging chat or very long messages that make it difficult to read the chat, as well as messages that contain verbal "water" that do not carry a proper semantic load. A flood is also considered posting identical messages in multiple channels by placing multiple messages in a row if at least one of them can be classified as a flood. Prohibited forcing spells with prefixes such as" [spell]anus","[spell]mother-in-law." As forbidden clogging the chat with the same type of symbols or messages.

It is forbidden to increase the font in the General chat. (Caps). Versions of the SW of the caps are different, here are some examples: (WORD, word, Word, Word, Multiple Words In a Sentence, etc.).

Any offers of services for real money are prohibited. The rule applies equally to both buyers and sellers, that is, if the player still went to these same services, it is considered to support spam, ie, causing harmful effects on the project, which is punishable by the permban of all akkov and IP. Services provided to other players for real money currency for which payment is made through the donation system, such as: boosting arena Donat, Donat unruly not prohibited, but the administration is not responsible for the integrity of the services offered by those individuals.

It is forbidden to offer an exchange account / selling account access for any of the value / supply donation Akka, etc. are Prohibited to offer / search a partner to the drain arena rating in General chats. Attempts to appeal the punishment for this rule with phrases like "I decided to see how many suckers will buy the ACC for pirates", "I wanted to catch those who will to change and to fuse to the forum, I clicked the macro to check who made a friend, playing with my Persian," "I did not say that I'm really going to change, I was just joking around" will be ignored. Saw an exchange of good - bye. The rule lives as long as the project lives, it's time to get used to it. Please note, the violation applies to any social.networks, any community. Any transfer of details (login, password, e-mail from the account) and, accordingly, control over the account, is punishable, and this applies to both parties, both the giver and the receiver. Complaints that you have been deceived, or requests for the return of your account, which you exchanged, but you have been deceived will be ignored, and the author of the complaint banned by IP.

Banned flame in chat. (from the English. flame-fire, flame) - "dispute for the sake of dispute", messaging in places of multi-user network communication (eg. Internet forums, chat rooms, etc.), which is a verbal war, often no longer relevant to the original cause of the dispute. The guru posts may contain personal insults, and often aimed at further inciting strife. Sometimes it is used in the context of trolling, but more often the flame breaks out just because of resentment at the virtual interlocutor. Roughly speaking, the ignition of the dispute, vine, sracha in the chat and the support of the instigator. Prohibited kindling ethnic\intercultural, etc. discord.

Banned requests to the administration of the type "Give gold\honor\rags\mount\TP, is reduced to a inst, go to the arena" etc. even as a joke. Prohibited any attempt to" joke", provocation, trolling, etc.heresy against representatives of the Administration. It is forbidden to distract the Administration of meaningless messages ("ku", "Hello, are you there?"may I ask?", "you administrative?", "there is Asya\Skype admin?"and camping on p.) in chat. It is forbidden to speak negatively about the server and its components (DC, anti-cheat, hosting, etc.). Emotions of an abusive nature towards the representative of the administration will be considered as a real insult and undermining of authority. It is forbidden to write game characters representative of the Administration on gaming issues. Not allowed to discuss / criticize the actions of the administration. Complaints and other place on the forums in the appropriate topic. Deception of members of the Administration in any form and for any purpose is prohibited. It is forbidden to take any things from the administration. Any gratuitous drawing should be screened and sent to the forum. It is strictly forbidden to slander the administration. Any intentional or unintentional actions or omissions preventing members of the administration from carrying out their functions are prohibited. Any attempt to impersonate a representative of the Administration is prohibited. It is forbidden to ask any questions to the Administration about the sensitive information (Who has access to the database, which mail this fact, GMA, etc.)

Chapter 5. Rules for communicating with the administration

If you need a GM, you can view the list of GMs in the game with ".gm ingame". Communication between players and GMs is made only through the system of tickets. In PM GMs do not write, but reply to tickets. At occurrence of questions, at first it is necessary to search the answers on a site and on a forum of the project. If the answer is not found, ask it in the appropriate forum. And only after that, if the answer was not received for a long time (several days), to contact the administration. If you found a bug, make sure it really is a bug (for example, ask other players). If you find that you are missing a NPC or a mob, first think about how much you need it and then make sure it is right where you are looking for it. (Use search engines like,, to do this). If you ignore all of this and it turns out that you have distracted a representative of the Administration in vain, it can be regarded as cheating the Administration, which will result in punishment. When contacting a representative of the Administration, fully describe the whole problem in the minimum number of messages. Messages such as "Hello, are you there?", "How are you, are you GM?", "Can I ask you a question?", "TP to me!" will be punished. You should not distract GMs with questions about non-functioning talents, quests, and abilos - this is the forum's prerogative. Absence of NPC is desirable to illuminate the forum and at the same time personally GM`u. Contact the Administration can only be through the characters of the Administration. If you say to you some Petya, that Vanya can be banned for "blah blah blah", and you run to complain about this Vanya with the words "Petya said that it banned! You'll get a mutt\RO forum. It is forbidden to write to the game characters of the representative of the Administration on game issues. Based on the rules of the administration, the Administration has the right to have the game characters and rest on them from work. If you, knowing that the player is a representative of the Administration will distract him with questions on the game/bans/muts etc., you can get a well-deserved mute

Chapter 6. Claims.

Claims regarding static game content, graphical elements, game design and other intellectual property of Blizzard Entertaiment may be made against Blizzard Entertaiment representatives as provided in the World of Warcraft EULA, provided the player has an account on the official server and has not violated the EULA

Chapter 7. Donations.

All donations made by users of the resource are voluntary, royalty-free and non-refundable. By making a donation the user automatically agrees to these terms. Requests for a refund of donated funds are not considered by the Administration, the user must evaluate the advantages and disadvantages before making a donation. All actions for material support of the project users perform at their own risk. When you donate user must know that the administration does not owe you anything for helping the project, it can only in gratitude to give some value in the game, this means that you are not entitled to demand from the administration of the project some bonuses in the game for donations to the project

Chapter 8. Saving Data.

The server provides various options for communication between your characters and the characters of other players. Since such means of communication are not - legally speaking - electronic communication services, messages sent in this manner are not considered private or confidential. In order to create a pleasant atmosphere and to ensure that all players communicate in a safe and legal manner, we make it compulsory for you to save and view both incoming and outgoing game chat messages, as well as other messages. By accepting this agreement, you agree that the Server has the right to:

1) Keep in-game chat messages and other messages that you receive or send in-game and on the forum 2) Check such in-game chat messages and other messages for potential violations of Server rules